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Editor | Content   Strategist  | Writer 

I am a dedicated editor, content strategist, and copywriter with a rich background in journalism and communications, poised to transition seamlessly into the dynamic realm of e-commerce.


Throughout my career, I've excelled in various roles, from managing network TV coverage to spearheading social media accounts and contributing to the success of start-up ventures. My passion lies in storytelling, mental health advocacy, fashion, and guiding young professionals and students on their career paths.


Professional Experience:

Masthead Media Company - Freelance Senior Copywriter: Crafting captivating articles with product placement for the JanSport blog.


Screen Rant - Network TV Beat Editor: Expanded Network and Cable TV coverage.


Screen Rant - Co-Acting Tech Lead: Led event coverage for the organization.


New York City Wired and Bold TV - Managing Editor: Contributed to the success of two start-up ventures.


New York Academy of Sciences - Instagram Account Manager: Achieved remarkable growth by fostering a vibrant student community.


Writing Focus:

Currently channeling my writing passion into articles covering mental health, fashion, and professional development. 


New York Women in Communications:

As an active member of New York Women in Communications, I hold the position of Senior Producer for the WomenHeard podcast. I've served on various committees, including Young Professional, Student Outreach, and Sponsorship, supporting and empowering fellow communicators.


Passion Projects:

My love for entertainment has led me to interview numerous actors featured on my blog, Primetime Addiction, and the publication Fandomopolis. Beyond entertainment, I am deeply committed to writing articles on mental health, professional development, arts, and culture. Venturing into the realm of fashion is an exciting new chapter I'm eager to explore within the context of e-commerce. Well-versed in social media platforms and website growth strategies, I bring valuable insights for companies seeking to enhance their online presence through compelling copywriting.




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