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Editor | Content   Strategist  | Writer 

I’m Mandy Carr, an editor, content strategist and writer. I have a background in journalism and communications. Most recently, I was the Network TV Beat Editor at Screen Rant, where I grew the Network and Cable TV coverage. Before that, I was the co-acting Tech Lead, managing the event coverage. I’ve also been the managing editor for two start-ups, New York City Wired and Bold TV

I also launched the Instagram account for the New York Academy of Sciences, where I grew the account 1000 percent in one year while building a community for the students. 

My ability to analyze data and anticipate the audience's wants has enabled me to grow various websites and social media accounts like these.

I’m currently writing mental health, fashion, and professional development articles with product placement for the JanSport blog. 

I’m also a New York Women in Communications member, where I am a Senior Producer for the WomenHeard podcast. I’ve also served on the Young Professional, Student Outreach and Sponsorship Committees. 

I’m passionate about entertainment. I’ve interviewed numerous actors for my blog, Primetime Addiction and a small publication, Fandomopolis. I’m also passionate about writing mental health and professional development articles that can help students and young professionals. I’ve also dabbled in fashion and am excited to explore it more. In addition, I can help companies grow their social media platforms and blogs. 

                             - xoxo M. 


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